In 1895 Wilhem Röntgen discovered the X-ray.

Two years later Antoine Béclère realized the importance of this discovery when applied to medicine. In the future, medical X-ray film will become obsolete and will be supplanted by digital scanners and MRI. This is the end of a cycle.

Since 1998, Zabo Chabiland has been working with medical X-ray films, creating a hybrid between radiology and photography.

The artist portrays the radiologist, she turned her photographic studio into a specific hospital department. The results are positive X-rays of nude studies and landscapes. As random patients, the models are selected to constitute a wide range of physiognomies. Standing still for a long time, with eyes closed, they drawn into an internalized silence, while all typology of expression vanishes, the essence of the person emerges.

The landscapes, taken in a primeval site are fragments of geological anatomy.

A juxtaposition of anatomy and nature, waterfalls and rocks to bones and organs.

We are getting closer to the traditional use of X-ray film: evidence