In progress

Edition of record pressed on positive X-ray films, fusion of two essential mediums of my artistic practice: Photography and sound performance.


In 1997, my experiences with photographic printing on screen printing screens, led me to become interested in X-ray film and to establish a crossover between the two techniques. This new medium launched me on an artistic exploration that has continued to evolve ever since.
During the Cold War in the Soviet Union, recordings of “unofficial” music engraved on recycled medical X-rays was circulating illegally under the name “rock on bones” or “rock on ribs” as an act of  cultural resistance.The existence of these records/objects of resistance inspired me to make my own bone records, using tests X-ray films from my own production, bones and organs are replaced  by positive  by anatomical landscapes and the music by a recording of a performance challenging the microgroove.


The device: a huge sheet of X-ray film between an electric massager and the soundboard of an upright piano.

I perform by swinging my body on the device, with force and restraint in a regular movement delicately directing the electrical device in a rotary movement on a strategic point on the soundboard: a large brass tip, as if this tip were a giant gramophone needle engraving the powerfull sound of a piano onto X-ray film.

3 minutes recording of the performance



- Individual support for creation - DRAC Pays de la Loire. 2022
- Support for visual arts projects - Pays de la Loire Region. 2022